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Somat Contadores

Accounting Firm in Brazil

“Adding is the simplest way to build”

Every company has specific needs that demand specific solutions. It is like the sum of self completion elements – a need and the solution, in this order – which in turn generate a third element, balance. We created Somat Contadores with the vision that adding is the simplest way to build anything. In order to bring together the supplier with the customer, demand to need, debt to credit, we must provide a steady and orderly environment to foster growth.

Our methodology consists of studying the circumstances and then offering the most appropriate solutions for each customers’ specific needs, instead of offering a number of standardized services. Why?

Because it is simpler  than trying to adapt standardized packages to individual and specific situations and needs. For us, it is important these solutions to be well understood. Thus, we try to bring communication that is objective, and explains the accounting practices that we will make use of. That is not exclusive to customers.

We invite you to call, with no commitments, at any time, and to ask for explanations about accounting, or any other related activities; you will see how simple it is.


Somat Contadores is active in four different types of services:


The recording of all the corporate operations, using computer systems and including monthly Trial Balances, General Ledgers and Journals, Account Analysis and Bank Statements Reconciliation.


Payrolls, rescissions, vacations and all personnel legal requirement procedures, through computer systems integrated to the accounting system.

Tax Consulting and Management

Recording of all of the tax journals by means of computerized systems integrated to the accounting system, tax consulting and planning – IRPJ, CSLL, ICMS, ISS, PIS, COFINS and IPI. Close follow-up of all inspections and audits.

Special services

Registration, validation and closing of corporations, changes in by-laws, public agency certificates and defenses, SICAF registration, etc.

Somat  Contadores also offers personnel legal services and tax consultancy, besides a full accounting, tax and personnel record review services of last 5 years.

To request a meeting, please call us at (021)  3094-8250 or simply send us a message.

We´ll be happy to assist you!

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